Code of Ethics


General principles of work

IAIACE Association sets high standards of professional ethics for its members. The IAIACE code of ethics unites the principles that must be observed in the work of private detectives. This code governs their treatment of clients, confidentiality, legality and high professionalism. IAIACE members must demonstrate honesty and integrity in all their actions, refrain from manipulation or concealment of facts.

Do no harm

Our professionals always do their work without harming any aspects of the client's life.

Everything is according to the law

We work exclusively within the framework of national and international legislation.


Code of Ethics IAIACE

Adopted by the general meeting (Minutes No. 2/2 dated 10.08.2018)


The Professional and Ethical Responsibilities of Members of the International Association of Investigators and Crisis Experts (Association) is a mandatory area of activity that includes the responsibilities of private investigators and crisis experts to act professionally, uphold the law, avoid conflict of work practices, adhere to ethical principles and put the interests of clients and colleagues above their own interests.

1. Respect for the requirements of laws:

1.1 All types of activities of the members of the Association in Ukraine and in other countries are carried out exclusively within the framework of the requirements of international law;

1.2 All members of the Association in their work undertake to check the legitimacy of the interests of the client and not to accept obviously illegal orders for execution;

1.3 Each contract must undergo due diligence before being accepted for work.

2. Respect for society and the state:

2.1 Association - an organization that is registered at the proper state level. At the same time, its activities are independent of political forces and outside influence. The association depends only on legal regulations and is subject to the current legislation.

2.2 The Association undertakes to openly, objectively and honestly represent the profession of a private detective (investigator) and the professions of other experts in security in the media, in society, in business. In this case, all business contacts of the Association with other federations, associations and other organizations in different countries of the world are used;

2.3 The Association, as far as possible, participates in the creation and adoption of laws on private detective activity, on private investigators and in other areas of private security of society, business and a person.

3. Respect for the profession of a private detective (private investigator):

3.1 Private investigations in the interests of business and people are the main type of work for members of the Association;

3.2 Private Investigators of the Association have an honest, professional and ethical attitude to cooperation with private detectives (private investigators) and other colleagues around the world;

3.3 Private investigators of the Association participate in the creation of materials for the media, where they undertake to give the profession of a private detective (private investigator) a high status, popularity and opportunities in international cooperation.

4. Respect for customers:

4.1 Each client for a member of the Association is the main one. Private detectives (private investigators) of the Association treat all clients with respect, objectivity, professionalism, and guarantee reliability, quality of services and honesty;

4.2 All rights of clients are respected by the members of the Association in full. Clients' requests are carefully analyzed, legal expertise is carried out and the right decision is made;

4.3 All clients have the opportunity to conclude official contracts with members of the Association for specific work. After completing the work, each client has the legal right to receive a reasoned report on services and draw up financial documents in the right way.

4.4 Members of the Association do their best to ensure the proper trust of the client and the private detective (private investigator).

5. Respect for colleagues:

5.1 The Association builds relationships with other organizations, other private detectives (private investigators) on the basis of equality, mutual respect.

5.2 The Association is always open for cooperation with the society, colleagues from different countries of the world, other public organizations;

5.3 Members of the Association do not enter into any conflicts, disputes, do not accept unethical behavior at meetings, on the Internet, in all types of communication;

5.4 All decisions of the association are taken collectively at general meetings or decisions of the Association Council;

5.5 Collegiality is accepted by the members of the Association as support and assistance to colleagues, exchange of experience, culture of communication, voluntary participation in the affairs of the association and in the activities of partner organizations in different countries of the world.

6. Respect for confidentiality:

6.1 Members of the Association undertake to maintain confidentiality in working with a client, in working with colleagues and in all areas of activity in their country and in other countries;

6.2 All measures are taken to preserve information at all stages of work.

6.3 Full conditions have been created for the storage and use of information in the interests of protecting confidentiality.

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