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A wide range of services for private individuals

Our experienced detectives provide confidential and professional execution of tasks. We help detect infidelity in a marriage, find missing relatives or friends, gather evidence for divorce or payment of alimony. We also identify fraudsters and investigate crimes related to theft, blackmail or abuse.

Our team uses advanced investigative techniques, including surveillance, gathering and analyzing information, working with sources and conducting detailed investigations. We work with high ethics and comply with all legal requirements.

Regardless of your problem, we guarantee an individual approach to each client and maximum confidentiality. Contact us and entrust the investigation to our professionals. We are ready to help you provide peace of mind and solve your personal problems.


We offer

A professional approach to solving issues of any complexity in different countries of the world.

Consultation for private individuals remotely

Get professional advice remotely for your personal needs. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and provide qualified advice. We will ensure confidentiality and a convenient communication format, wherever you are. Our goal is your satisfaction and successful solutions for you.

Private investigation services in Ukraine

Our association offers professional private investigation services in Ukraine. We conduct discrete and confidential investigations into a variety of situations, including marital infidelity, missing persons and evidence gathering. Our experienced detectives use modern methods and provide results in the shortest possible time.

Services of private investigators abroad

Our association provides services of private investigators abroad. We specialize in international investigations, including missing persons, evidence gathering and crime solving. Our professionals have extensive experience and use advanced technologies to achieve results.

Private problem solving services

We offer services for solving private problems. We help with emergencies, relationship infidelity, missing persons and fraud detection and prevention. Thanks to our expertise, confidentiality and individual approach, we find optimal solutions for you, ensuring peace of mind and solving the problem.

Genealogical investigations in Ukraine and other countries

We specialize in genealogical investigations in Ukraine and abroad. We help find relatives, restore genealogies and study your family history. Our researchers have deep knowledge and access to archival sources, which allows us to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information received.

Search for information and people in Ukraine and abroad

We provide information and people search services in Ukraine and abroad. We use rigorous research methods and access to an extensive database to provide accurate and reliable information. Our experts help find lost relatives, collect evidence for legal needs, and conduct fraud investigations.

Outsourcing services in Ukraine and other countries

We provide security outsourcing services in Ukraine and other countries. We provide a high level of protection for your business by using advanced technologies and professional experts. Our services include physical security, cyber security, access control and monitoring. Thanks to us, you can be sure of the security of your enterprise and save resources by using the expertise of our specialists.

Carrying out tasks of increased risk

We specialize in high-risk tasks. We carry out detailed analysis, collection and analysis of evidence, identification and documentation of risk situations. Our experienced investigators work with a high level of confidentiality and professionalism to ensure the successful completion of the assignment. You can count on our expertise and reliability when investigating cases of the highest complexity.

Private security training services

We provide private security training services. We offer a wide range of courses that cover the basics of self-defense, personal data security, anti-fraud and other aspects of privacy. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on training, helpful tips and strategies for personal safety. Learn from us and get the necessary knowledge and skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Are there security issues? Ask for a consultation!