International business protection holding

International and national projects of comprehensive services

International business protection holding

International and national projects of comprehensive services to protect businesses and individuals from dangers and risks of a high level of complexity.



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International business protection holding

International and national projects of comprehensive services

Institute for research of business and personal protection problems

International and national projects of comprehensive services in the field of scientific research in security

Оdin, Serge Senyk investigation agency

Resolving family conflicts, checking business partners, finding missing persons, finding scammers and much more.

Fubi – first ukrainian bureau of investigations

Services are provided in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and in complete confidentiality.

Security agency Cassandra smarthouse

Provision of services for the implementation of innovative projects in the field of business security

Bureau of investigation of Alex Auslander

Conducting investigations of various levels of complexity, high professionalism and responsibility for the result

Cybersecurity services

Information security audit, incident response, analytics, software development, an integrated approach to information protection

Detective agency “Holms”

A professional team of private detectives and crisis experts, polygraph examiners, lawyers and operational technicians.

Educational center “Holms vs Moriarty”

Development and implementation of training programs for negotiation groups, private detectives and other specialists in the field of security and business protection.

Detective agency “Stryzh”

Information and analytical services, provision and maintenance of private independent activities, protection of legal entities and individuals in Ukraine and abroad.

Safety consultant services Demyan Shevrikuko

Business protection in Ukraine and abroad, security audit of enterprises of all forms of ownership, internal investigations.

Services of Vladilen Gudzovsky’s security consultant

Professional security and business security, assistance to individuals and legal entities in resolving personal and confidential issues.

Detective legal agency “Fortes”

Resolution of conflicts and crises, search for missing persons, search for debtors, verification of insurance claims, verification of business partners.

Services of an expert on private investigator Roman Razborskyi

Conducting investigations of increased complexity. Specialist in highly complex investigations at International Business Protection Holding.

Bureau of protection and private investigations of Denys Lysov

Legal protection and operational support. Support in difficult and crisis situations. Evaluation of the probability of events and forecasting the results.

Expert security services for gender development of the environment of Svetlana Bereza

Scientific and practical projects in the field of ensuring gender development based on the development of legal and political culture.

Investigation agency “Ukrrozyskinfo”

Ensuring the economic security of legal entities and individuals. We are looking for people in Ukraine and abroad

Information agency “Sword”

Book publishing. Business and management consulting. Research and experimental development

Detective legal firm “Your protection”

Provision of detective and legal services outside Ukraine (Republic of Poland), business security and safety

Al atta consultations & admin studies est.

Risk management and investigation. SMART provider of risk management and mitigation solutions

Professional security academy (PSA)

The training company offers a wide range of training programs for security professionals

Synterna security solutions limited

The British security agency offers comprehensive services for the installation of video surveillance systems

Services of the security consultant Alexander Kizko (Cherkasy)

Business protection in Ukraine and abroad, consultations on the security of enterprises of all forms of ownership

UAPI – ukrainian agency of private investigations

A full range of business and personal security services