On June 6-7, 2019, the IIІ International Congress of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts will be held in Kiev.

Address: Kiev, st. Velyka Zhytomyrska, 33, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, Hall “Colosseum

Congress organizer: “International Association of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts” (IAIACE).

Global Congress Partner: Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Research “BORISFEN INTEL”.

The purpose of the III International Congress: the exchange of information and views on the most pressing issues of possible interaction and cooperation of business representatives, private investigators and experts in dealing with crisis situations; informing business structures about the available solutions to problem situations in Ukraine and in various countries of the world; Identification of the most popular tasks for today faced by business representatives.

Congress participants:

A) From the business – structures in Ukraine and in other countries:

– TOR – management of Ukrainian and international companies, potential and existing investors in Ukrainian and foreign business; social structures uniting representatives of different business sectors; representatives of the leading economic companies of Ukraine (industry, agrocomplex, construction, IT – technologies and others); business structures – members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine; Representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine.

B) From the side of investigators and experts:

– representatives of Ukrainian and foreign companies working in the field of business protection – MAREX partners; private detectives and investigators from Ukraine and other countries;

– foreign and Ukrainian experts – practices in the field of security and business protection (analysts, IT – specialists, experts in various areas of business intelligence and business counterintelligence, lawyers, lawyers, security professionals, polygraph examiners, conflictologists, crisis psychologists and psychoanalysts, negotiators, mediators , specialists of engineering protection and technical control, notaries and experts of the law of succession, the scientific elite of the security sphere, private performers, experts in the protection of intellectual property, tra lshuttery and other experts in the field of private security), representatives of public organizations and associations in the field of security and protection of business;

C) Foreign and national media.

What will the businessman discover at the Congress?

– current trends, innovative technology practicing investigators and experts in crisis situations. Dozens of speakers from various countries. Thousands of completed business protection tasks. Not a word of theory! Only practical case studies;

– understanding and professional assessment of the real situation, when unexpected problems of non-standard nature arise but it is not known who you can contact to solve them. In the hall of the Congress – experts on carrying out preventive measures and localization of problems. The full independence of these performers, their highest professionalism – really impress (will not leave indifferent) the participants of the Congress;

– Understanding the possibilities for the safe acquisition of new and promising markets. For the participants of the Congress, ways of business development will be opened in those regions of the world that have not been previously considered;

– direct business contacts with representatives of various professions related to security and protection of business and personality. There will come an understanding of how colossal finances and material resources a business loses where it can and should earn;

– the formation of his team and team, where there will be no traitors, corrupt officials, fraudsters and agents from competitors. Is it possible? Congress participants will understand with practical examples that this is possible and is already working.

What will the investigator and expert on crisis situations in Congress discover for themselves?

– customer (client) – where to find it? Do I need to look for him? He has long been waiting for the performers of his tasks, but does not know where to find them;

– innovations in approaches to security and business protection. Sometimes it is enough to change the vector of application of your business opportunities in order to successfully restart your professional activity.

– the ways in which practitioners who perform business tasks walk and the business representatives themselves must converge at one point. Congress participants will learn how to do it mutually and quickly;

– the formation of a Unified International System of Coordinators – an innovation that benefits any professional;

– The Congress is the only place where representatives of various areas of business and personal security gather at the same time. The whole geography of the planet! Well-known and recognized by all the world companies, associations and individuals – will open for the participants of the Congress.

No secrets for congress participants! Discussions, lack of academic lectures, live and interactive communication! Hundreds of business contacts! Expand your capabilities around the world!