The economic crisis in the country and the harsh conditions of the modern market indicate the inadmissibility of unnecessary expenses and unreasonable underestimation of the performance of the enterprise, and, as a consequence, the need to ensure the appropriate level of control and security. Savings in the field of business protection, primarily at the level of prevention and the identification of existing and hidden risks, can lead to significant losses and even fatal consequences.

MAREKS proposes the use of appropriate comprehensive measures:

Analysis of business processes that may contain potential threats to the functioning of the enterprise: the legal basis for the functioning of the business; interaction with customers, customers and partners; technical and information security systems; business process logistics; potentially dangerous decisions in the field of tax optimization.

A range of services for the independent assessment of the efficiency of grain processing and elevator enterprises based on qualitative and quantitative performance indicators, consisting of control, accounting and safety measures. These services include an independent assessment of actual production indicators, identifying weaknesses and introducing the necessary additional means of control or a hardware-software complex. Security measures will make it possible to draw a reasonable conclusion about the existence of theft and their size; identify the factors that contribute to this, and identify employees involved in the theft.

Development and implementation of a set of measures to identify and eliminate the most significant shortcomings in the construction of business processes. Creation of a risk prevention system of various kinds and strengthening the overall security system without unnecessary financial costs.

Economic area:

Analysis of the enterprise in order to identify individual risk factors for it in terms of internal and external threats.

Independent assessment of the operating security regime and the effectiveness of the security service. Identify their weaknesses and provide specific recommendations on how to address them.

Identification of factors creating favorable conditions for a possible raider takeover or power takeover of the enterprise; development of specific countermeasures.

Service checks and investigations of any complexity on the facts of abuse, theft, leakage of information and money, etc.

Participation in negotiations and at the stage of concluding agreements as an expert.

Representation and protection of the interests of the client in relations with individuals and legal entities.

Complete confidential high-risk missions.

Information sphere:

Checking the business reputation of potential partners.

Implementation of economic and legal analysis of the competitive environment.

Information support of business processes, agreements, investments.

Providing the necessary regulatory materials.

Development and implementation of measures to protect trade secrets.

Organization of confidential communication channels and IT protection.

Information security audit of websites and enterprises.

Development of information security policy for enterprises.

Providing analytical information on the economic space (political, economic, operational).

Legal support:

Legal support of business

Personnel safety and personnel audit:

Search, selection and preliminary screening of candidates for vacant positions, including using a polygraph.

Periodic inspections of working personnel for potential risk factors for the enterprise.

Prevention of insider attempts by intruders or criminals. Identification of such persons, minimizing the negative consequences of their activities or using them “in the dark” in their favor.

Implementation of a set of preventive measures to prevent theft, misappropriation of assets and cash, etc.

Development and implementation of economic and legal methods for regulating legal relations.

Carrying out official investigations and checks on the facts of theft, fraud, leakage of official information, etc. including using a polygraph.

Physical protection and security:

Monitoring of the state of safety of facilities, development of an optimal model of engineering and technical physical protection of enterprises and territories.

Organization of a set of measures to protect any objects and protect the perimeter.

Development and implementation of access control to the territory and premises. The creation of the “Regulation on the access regime inside the facility and on the territory”, according to the special conditions of the enterprise.

Providing recommendations on the organization of technical systems and means of perimeter security, video surveillance, information storage and storage, according to the conditions and characteristics of a particular object.

Creation and organization of work of the security service. Development of job responsibilities. Search for staff. Education and training.

Organization of security and escort of management, guests, VIPs. Confidential or public reception.

This list is not exhaustive