The economic crisis in the world, the harsh conditions of the modern market, the complexity of international communications require businesses to reduce unnecessary costs, optimize personnel and business processes. Yesterday’s methods for the development of enterprises and companies stop working. The time is coming for innovation, ensuring flexible accounting, control and security. Dangers and risks can and should be foreseen in advance, rather than preventing what has already happened.


The participants of IAIACE offer a systematic approach to identifying, localizing and eliminating business risks based on the implementation of individual projects and the provision of targeted services by professionals.


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Analysis and identification of risks and threats in the business processes of the enterprise (company)

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Security and protection of external investments

Due diligence – investigation, audit or review conducted to confirm the business attractiveness of an investment object, verification of a potential investor and protection of an investment object from a pseudo-investor.

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Interim security management

Introduction to the company’s business processes of a professional group of specialists in security, risk mitigation or solving “unsolvable” problems for a contractual period of time.

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Protection against personnel risks

Deep inspection of TOP personnel and key employees: identification of information leakage through internal and external insiders (sources of information) of competitors and ill-wishers; selection and employment of personnel for the company’s security sector (TOP managers, chiefs and security officers, security directors, crisis managers, etc.) regardless of the host country.

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Security and protection outsourcing

Providing assistance in solving various problems in the intersection of the company’s business processes by attracting proven professionals of the highest class in Ukraine and around the world

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International projects

Providing assistance in solving various problems of Ukrainian companies in different countries of the world and international companies in Ukraine (projects for collecting commercial information abroad, checking foreign counterparties, researching safe sales markets, searching for withdrawn assets, and others).

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Research and educational projects

Research of innovative approaches to business security and protection, creation of educational events on partnership terms – schools, courses, seminars, trainings and workshops in the interests of individual business structures.

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Comprehensive and separate services for business

Performing confidential tasks of increased complexity in the interests of individual business structures, regardless of the country of origin of the task.

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