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Seyt-Abla Ibrаgimov (Turkey)

Direction: Protection of business and personality

Graduated from the Law Institute in the city of Ankara and the Odessa Law Academy. He defended his dissertation on the topic of Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties in Joint Ventures in Turkey and Ukraine. Received the title of Master of Trade Law in Turkey. PhD in Law in Turkish Civil Law. He continues to work on his doctoral dissertation. Since 2005, he has been dealing with the problems of compatriots in Turkey to protect their identity and business.


Jakov Radpmislensky (Latvia)

Direction: Consulting in the field of security and business protection

Leading specialist in the security of private business and individuals, an expert consultant in the areas of ensuring the security complex in European countries. Owner of “JR Security Consulting” Ltd. Services to clients in managing business risks, assessing financial and commercial opportunities. Development of a corporate strategy to counter adverse circumstances in commercial and private projects.


Olegas Rimanas

Direction: Confidential legal services, private investigative services in different countries of the world

Director and owner of UAB “Rimano biuras” with over 10 years of professional experience. License with a certificate of a private detective Nr. 1 in Lithuania, responsible partner of the Vilnius group of private detectives “Rimanas ir partneriai”, ex-commissioner of the Lithuanian criminal police with 27 years of experience in the civil service.


Rustam Mirzabayev (Asia)

Direction: Business and Personal Protection in Asia

Chairman of the Kalkan Association of Corporate Security and Detective Professionals. Ensuring business security and assisting citizens in protecting their legitimate interests. “Kalkan” has 6 sectors in the following areas: the sector of economic and internal security, the sector of complex technical security, the sector of information security, the sector of protection and “stripes”, the sector of detective activity, the legal sector.


Jean C. Schmitt, (France)

Direction: Conducting commercial, industrial and private investigations

Director and owner of the Parisian agency “France investigation”, founded in 1989. Member of the World Association of Private Detectives (WAD), IKD and ABI, Honorary President of the Syndicat National des Agents de Recherches Privées


Gennady Naida (Germany)

Direction: Verification of assets, countering business espionage

More than 15 years of experience in Germany, is on the board of one of the oldest detective community club in Switzerland, the official representative of European organizations. Fields of activity: verification of real estate and bank assets, protection against business espionage and verification of business partners, employees, outdoor photo and video surveillance and detection of covert information retrieval throughout Europe.


Artur Czulicki (Estonia)

Direction: Protection and safety of businesses and individuals in the Baltic region

Specialist in private investigations in the business environment and in the private sector. Many years of experience in transnational investigations in the financial and commercial sectors of business markets, execution of personal orders of increased complexity. Operating principle: “Expensive. Slowly. Worthy. “


Romualdas Zaleckis (Lithuania)

Direction: International private law, private detective activity

Lawyer, reserve officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (1995-2001). Now a businessman, a private detective. Leader of the “Lie Recognition” project, co-author of the training manual “Fundamentals of private detective (detective) activity”, lecturer of the course “Fundamentals of private detective activity” at the University. K. Simonavichus, author of profile articles.


Alexander Galushchenko

Direction: Global Cybersecurity

Lead developer of IT Laboratory, cyber security specialist. Author of products and techniques that take penetration testing to the next level. Inventor – holds six patents covering deep traffic analysis, analytics, and hardware-based network interface management. He specializes in the investigation of computer crimes, the creation of secure networks.


Oleg Didych

Направление: Детективные услуги, безопасность бизнеса, противодействие незаконному наблюдению

Expert on the organization of outdoor surveillance and performance of tasks of increased complexity, President of the public organization “Association of Veterans of the Security Service of Ukraine” Seven “”, Lieutenant Colonel of the SBU reserve. Director of the Consulting Agency “seven Service” (detective services, business security), head of the project on child safety “Control kids”.


Sergey Lysenko

Direction: Investigation of crimes, official investigations, private executive activity

Professor of IAPM, candidate of legal sciences, licensed private contractor. Head of LLC International Agency for Corporate Security SR. Conducting investigations, private executive activities, collecting information about legal entities and individuals, searching for legal entities, individuals and property, conducting personnel checks and investigations using a computer polygraph.


Oleg Loshchilin

Direction: Security services, implementation and use of technical means of security, audit and consulting of property protection and security

Private security and safety expert. 30 years of experience in the field of public and private security. Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserve Ministry of Internal Affairs. Head of the Public Organization “All-Ukrainian Association of Security Specialists”. Founder and member of an association of enterprises to provide comprehensive security and safety measures.


Вадим Касян

Направление: Экономическая кибернетика, услуги безопасности и медиации

Expert in economic cybernetics, mediation and corporate brokerage, as well as in optimizing systems and building secure business processes, master of information systems management in banking and financial institutions, lawyer, founder of MASTRO LLC.


Cyprus Detectives E.K Private Eye and Scorpio Security Services

Направление: Частные расследования, частная безопасность;

Full range of Private Detectives, Private Investigations & Private Security Services: Assets Check, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Expert Witness, General Investigations, Matrimonial Investigations, Missing Person / Heirs, Personal Injury, Process Services, Skip Tracing, Surveillance, Security Guards, Security Services, TSCM Services, VIP Protection.