Information about us


The International Association of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts (IAIACE) is a Ukrainian non-governmental organization. The history of IAIACE is conducted since 2012. This year, the All-Ukrainian Association of Private Detectives (UAPD) was registered. In 2018, the activities of the members of the organization were expanded around the world. The name and activities of the organization were reformatted. This path has been supported by many international organizations and foreign experts – private investigators and experts on business and personal security.

The IAIACE Association has introduced strict selection of candidates for membership in the organization. Professionally trained, decent and principled specialists and individuals who want to develop in the professional community are involved and accepted. Every year the number of participants – professionals from around the world is growing.

IAIACE Association is funded by contributions from participants. This ensures complete independence from the state, individual business structures and organizations.



Basic principles of activity:


  • Unambiguous recognition of the requirements of national and international law;

  • Healthy patriotism and denial of participation in any political processes inside and outside the country;

  • Maximum confidentiality, tact and guarantees of the result of the work of the members of the Association.



Areas of activity of IAIACE participants:


  • private investigations and solutions to business and personal problems in different countries of the world;

  • business – intelligence (English Business-Intelligence), business – counterintelligence, business – analytics;

  • unique developments in the field of selection, verification and support of company staff loyalty;

  • construction of innovative Business Security and Protection Systems;

  • practical application of schemes of detection, localization and elimination of dangers and risks;

  • construction of modern, economical and effective Security Services for companies;

  • identifying and solving problems of business and individuals – Troubleshooting;

  • conducting journalistic investigations;

  • legal, advocacy, notarial, managerial and other types of support of business processes of companies;

  • investigation in inheritance cases and search for heirs;

  • profiling, polygraph research (“lie detector”), other lie detection;

  • conducting negotiations in crisis situations, mediation and consultations;

  • localization of corporate conflicts, crisis psychology and psychoanalyst;

  • interim – management and interim – management in the field of security and protection of business processes;

  • conducting activities on IT security and IT protection of business and the individual;

  • construction of schemes of personal, physical and engineering – technical protection of persons and objects;

  • protection of intellectual property;
    development of research projects in the field of business and personal security, preparation and implementation of training programs, creation of training centers, courses and security schools;

  • other programs, projects, one-time services in Ukraine and around the world.